Who is CIRA?

CIRA stands for the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. CIRA has been given a mandate by the Government of Canada to provide and operate the .CA domain name registry. CIRA does not sell .CA domains per se. Instead, registrars like CanReg.com are tested and certified by CIRA to perform the customer related aspects of domain sale, service and support. In other words, CIRA provides and handles the "back-end" of the .CA registry, while certified registrars like CanReg.com provide the "front-end" customer features and support. This allows CIRA to focus on their primary mandate. CIRA is also a non-profit body, and thus anyone can become a member of CIRA, with the voting rights associated with it. To become a CIRA member, you can login to your CanReg.com account and check the "CIRA Member" button at the "Registrant Information" section. More information about CIRA can be found at http://www.cira.ca/.

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