How do I add an user level filter?

1. Click Create a new Filter.

2. Type a name for the filter in the Filter Name box.

3. Select a message characteristic (from, subject, to, etc.) from the first pull-down menu.

4. Select an operator (equals, contains, etc.) from the next pull-down menu.

5. Enter the characters or words you wish to use as a filter.

Note: This field will accept regular expressions (when you select the matches regex operator), rather than more commonly used wildcard characters (such as * or ?).

6. You can add and subtract rules by clicking the + and - buttons.

7. Select an action from the pull-down menu under the Actions heading. You can add and subtract actions by clicking the + and - buttons.

8. Click Activate to initialize the filter.

PICK A word about operators: When you create a filter using several operators, it may be useful to note that cPanel will always process the "and" operator before the "or" operator. As a result, email filters will be processed as follows:

A or B and C will be processed as A or (B and C).

A and B or C will be processed as (A and B) or C.

If you wish to create a filter such as (A or B) and (C or D), you would have to create it like so:

(A and C) or (A and D) or (B and C) or (B and D).

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