How to add an MX Entry in cPanel?

  • After logging into the cPanel, click MX Entry under Mail category.

  • Setting a custom MX Entry is useful if you want your email handled by another server, or if you want to setup a backup email server.

  • Add New Record (Enter a priority number for the next MX Record: the lower priority numbers will be tried first, followed by higher numbers).

  • Then enter the new MX Entry. Destination must be a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). Click Add New Record.

  • You are done. The new MX record has been added.

  • Example: ( – Priority 0 and – Priority 1)

  • So in this case, the default mail server will be tried first because it has a priority of 0. Followed by the new mail server, because its priority number is set to 1.

  • You can return to this page at any time to make changes to your MX Entries and their priorities or to delete existing MX Entries.

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