How to backup your website in cPanel?

  • After logging into the cPanel, click Backup Wizard under Files category.

  • You will see the main backup screen where you can backup or restrore the files in your hosting account.

  • Click the Backup link. You have the option of only backing up part of your account.

  • If you want to generate a full backup, click Full Backup.

  • Select the destination for the backup, then click Generate Backup.

  • You are done. You have just created a full backup to the home directory.

  • Go back. To download a copy of the backup to your computer, simply click it. Then save it to your computer.

Restoring Files

  • Click the Backup Wizard again, then click the Restore button.

  • Choose what type of restore you want to do. Assume that, We want to restore home directory.

  • Click Home Directory and locate the directory backup. Then click upload.

  • You are done. The files will be restored.

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