How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel?

  • After logging into the cPanel, click FTP Accounts under Files category.

  • Fill up necessary information :

    • Login: Enter your username. (Example: demo)

    • Password: Enter the password.

    • Password (again): Retype the password.

    • Quota: Select FTP quota.

  • It will create the directory like this (/home/yourdomain/public_html/demo) [ Assume that, our domain name is ]

  • If you leave /demo in the directory box, then the user of this FTP account will only have access to the /demo directory, and all folders under it.

  • To give the user access to the entire website, you would delete everything except the forward slash “/”.

  • When ready, click Create FTP Account.

  • You are done. The new FTP account has been created.

  • Under FTP Accounts, you will find your newly created account where you can change the FTP accounts password, change its quota, or delete the account altogether.

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