How to password protect a directory in cPanel?

  • After logging into the cPanel, click Password Protected Directories under Security category.

  • Select the directory to start with, then click Go.

  • Select the directory you want to password protect by clicking its name.

  • Check the box Password protect directory.

  • Then give a name for this directory, and click Save.

  • The directory is now protected, and requires a password to enter it via a browser.

  • You must therefore create at least one user, and assign them a password to access the directory.

  • Click Go Back, and fill up necessary information:

    • Username: Enter the username.

    • New Password: Enter the password.

    • Password (Again): Retype the password.

  • Click Add/Modify Authorized user.

  • The protected directory now has one user who has access to it. Repeat this process for each additional user you want to grant access for.

  • Click Go back. Now you can see the active user for this directory here and can add or delete users from this page at any time.

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